The Tridentine Latin Mass DVD
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Landmark DVD on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass commonly known as the Tridentine Latin Mass that is portrayed on the DVD was offered on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel on September 29, 2009. Multiple professional high definition cameras help you experience the Mass as never before and give you an amazing unobstructed view of the Offertory, Consecration and Elevation. Hear the Latin prayers said by the priest and server in digital clarity. Follow along in English or in Latin using the subtitle option or the accompanying easy- to-read missal. This unprecedented DVD vividly portrays the timeless beauty and sacred ceremonies of the Mass. What sets this production apart from others is that is retains the sense of reverence throughout without being static or monotonous. You feel like you are a participant at Mass, not just a passive observer. The accompanying catechetical tract helps you learn what the various ceremonies represent and how they correspond to Our Lord’s Passion. Learn about the liturgical seasons, liturgical colors, vestments and the articles used at mass. Teach your children and grandchildren about this greatest of gifts of our faith. Share this DVD with friends who are new to the Latin Mass, so that they, too, can learn to cherish it. Take it with you when you travel and buy one for your homebound relatives who cannot go to church. You will never tire of this DVD, but will enjoy watching it often.
Reviews of The Tridentine Latin Mass DVD
This DVD is a beautiful recording of the Latin Mass. The images and sound make you feel like you are in church. The English and Latin subtitles, along with the missal and instructional tracks that are included help you follow along. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the traditional Latin Mass is urged to purchase this DVD. No medium could ever adequately capture the true glory and majesty of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but "The Tridentine Latin Mass" comes closer than anything else being offered today. A great aid to prayer and learning! It is the most wonderful Mass, The original Latin Mass. You will find it a wonderful DVD to have. I really have made a wonderful choice, and I know you will to. There are several things that were good about this video. The subtitles made it easier to understand what the priest was praying in Latin, and the bonus material helped me to better learn the meanings of the various items that were used in the mass. The priest imitates Christ through his Passion and Resurrection throughout the Mass, and I liked following along with the short missal that came with it. I've only attended a handful of Latin masses, however the DVD was great, and watching it from home enabled me to take more time to think about what was happening at each part of the Mass. Excellent work!
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Includes one missal to follow the Mass
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