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Latin   Alive   from   St.   Joseph's   Media   is   a   Revolutionary ,   New Way to Learn Latin Latin   Alive    and   Latin   Alive   Exercise   Edition    are   the   newest   release   from   St. Joseph's    Media    and    make    the    ancient    language    relevant    for    today's student. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  (Press Release) – November 20, 2013 - Latin Alive and Latin Alive Exercises are the newest releases from St. Joseph’s Media.   These books are a revolutionary way to make an ancient language become relevant to a modern student.    Fr. Francisco Radecki designed these books to demonstrate that Latin is a logical language that can be taught in a systematic manner.  Though the books are primarily for secondary school students, children and adults will also find them helpful.   College students will find that a thorough knowledge of Latin will assist them in many other fields. Choir members, those attending the Latin Mass and seminarians studying for the priesthood will appreciate the simple, clear and practical exercises that make Latin come alive. Latin Alive contains unique features such as color-coded vocabulary lists for different parts of speech, easy-to-follow formulas for declensions and verb conjugations, memorization guides and other tools to help the student easily and quickly master the language that gave English 80% of its words.  Besides learning Latin, the student will increase his or her English vocabulary and be able to recognize and translate words in Spanish, French Italian and Portuguese.  Latin   Alive   Exercises   applies   the   lessons   learned   in   Latin   Alive    and   teaches   the student    how    the    various    parts    of    speech    are    used    to    form    sentences.        Since memorization   is   integral   to   learning   a   foreign   language,   numerous   memory   aids   are given.      Exercises   are   varied   and   practical   in   order   to   teach   what   is   necessary   for conversational   and   written   communication.      Parsing   is   explained   and   taught   in order    to    break    a    sentence    into    its    various    components.        Lessons    progress    like building   blocks   to   encourage   the   student.      By   the   time   the   book   is   completed,   the Latin scholar will be able to translate, write and speak Latin. To     see     more     products     from     St.     Joseph's     Media     please     visit     our     website   (http://www.stjosephsmedia.com).