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New Catholic Catechism for Adults has been Published Wayne, MI (May 15, 2015) Wonders of the Catholic Faith is the latest product from St. Joseph’s Media, the internationally recognized publisher  of traditional Catholic products.  This new release, a remarkable catechism that teaches traditional Catholic beliefs  and practices, addresses important contemporary issues as well.  Based on the Catechism of the Council of Trent and  the famous Baltimore Catechism, it also draws from Sacred Scripture and the writings of the Popes, Saints and the  Fathers and Doctors of the Church.  It is a compendium of dogmatic theology (teachings of the Church), moral  theology (practical application of the 10 Commandments), apologetics (defense of the Faith against heresy), history of  the Bible and Catholic practices, liturgy (detailed explanation of the Mass and Sacraments), ascetical theology  (principles of the spiritual life), and the application of these to our lives today.  Wonders of the Catholic Faith was written by Fr. Francisco Radecki to fill a need for a current, adult catechism.  The  process of writing began by recording more than 40 sermons on the basic topics that were determined all Catholics  needed to know.  These were further researched and expanded to include areas of special concern and importance  today.  In addition, Father Radecki’s high school theology students further researched the topics and wrote questions  for each chapter.  Their input helped ensure the appropriateness of its use for ages 16 and up.  Concise yet complete, this book is a practical guide for today’s Catholics and those interested in the Faith.  It not only  explains the teachings of the Church in a logical, scriptural manner, but also shows how to get to Heaven, which is,  after all, our ultimate goal. Filled with inspirational stories, Wonders of the Catholic Faith keeps the readers’ interest  and makes the Faith come alive.  Each paragraph is packed with information that lends itself to discussion and  reflection.  An excellent resource for the classroom, it is perfect for adults, high school students and coverts, as well as  homeschoolers and catechism groups.  Containing copious footnotes and a list of resources as well as more than 200  study questions, it can be used for individual study, or in a classroom setting. Priests can also use it to prepare  sermons and give instructions.  Forty-three chapters cover everything from Creation to eschatology, while the chapter questions help students and  adults understand Christ’s teachings and refute the errors of today. Its seemingly short length of 160 pages is  deceptive as it contains everything a Catholic should know about the Faith, and answers nearly every question a  person could pose from the correctness of the theory of evolution and the Big Bang Theory, to why God allows war,  suffering, death, and financial difficulties.  This adult catechism could be considered “Catholic belief made simple,” since it describes in clear, concise language  the major beliefs of the Faith, while also delving into specific practices and devotions. The important relationship  between Catholic belief and practice is also thoroughly examined as are the origin of the Bible and the importance of  Apostolic Tradition.  Wonders of the Catholic Faith is available from St. Joseph’s Media