The Complete Set
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St. Joseph’s Media Complete Set
St. Joseph's Media is proud to now offer you a complete set of every product we currently sell, all at a remarkable savings to you. Included in this special offer are: Tumultuous Times, an easy-to-read, well-documented story of the Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church. The second part of this work analyzes Vatican II and its effect on our world today. The turbulent history of the Catholic Church will come alive as the centuries unfold before the reader. God's tender care for His children and amid life's storms and tumultuous times is evident and unmistakable. ($29.95 value) The Family Catechism, an exciting, easy to read, picture catechism that fills the void faced by parents and teachers who wanted to bring traditional Catholic prayers, hymns and teachings to the children of the 21st century. It contains the traditional prayers and hymns known to all Catholics before Vatican II. Written for children, it will appeal to all Catholics who want to know the traditional teachings of the Church on the Sacraments, Ten Commandments, Holy Mass and more. ($19.95 value) The Family Catechism CD, an audio book version of The Family Catechism which contains prayers, catechetical instruction, devotions, server responses and a bonus CD featuring children singing 26 traditional hymns so dear to generations of Catholics. ($19.95 value) Latin Alive, actually makes studying and learning the Latin language both fun and enjoyable. Special features such as color-coded vocabulary lists, and easy-to-follow formulas for declensions and verb conjugations help the student master the language that gave English 80% of its words. ($15.00 value) Latin Alive Exercises, the companion to Latin Alive which contains written exercises that reinforce the important points covered. Using sound pedagogical strategies, this book will help students grow in their learning and can be fun to do as well! ($15.00 value) The Tridentine Latin Mass, a DVD filmed on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, in which multiple professional high definition cameras help you experience the Mass as never before, giving you an amazing unobstructed view of the Offertory, Consecration and Elevation. ($20.00 value) High Mass Recorded Live, a compilation of acapella choral music sung by the Mount St. Michael’s Parish Choir and the Marian Sisters from the First Mass of two Marian priests. You will hear the censor, bells, Latin words of the Mass, and will believe you are in the choir loft. This CD is for those who revere the traditional Latin Mass of the Church, or anyone who appreciates beautiful choral music. ($15.00 value)