Tumultuous Times
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Reviews of Tumultuous Times
An exhaustive look at the history of the Catholic religion Written by two priests who are identical twins and members of the Congregation of the Mary Immaculate Queen, Tumultuous Times: Twenty General Councils of the Catholic Church & Vatican II and Its Aftermath is an exhaustive look at the history of the Catholic religion. The first half extensively describes the history of the "Twenty General Councils of the Catholic Church" from 325-1870 AD and their role in defining and clarifying Catholic doctrine. The second half scrutinizes "Vatican II and Its Aftermath" (1962-1965), including the New Mass and Sacraments. Emphasizing the importance of constancy in church doctrine despite pressure from outside and constantly changing environments, Tumultuous Times is a resource that reflects the abiding faith of its authors, as well as their passionate conviction that that there can only be one true church. A powerfully written blend of extensive research and deeply held belief in the value of staying true to faith and tradition. - Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) A Must Read for all Catholics A must on any list of religious books, the impeccably researched work, Tumultuous Times, is an unprecedented work and makes the history of the Catholic Church come alive. Tumultuous Times will appeal to a wide audience, from the high school student to the theological expert. It has an extensive bibliography and could be used as a textbook on Church history. Numerous charts, 20 maps and extensive footnotes, bibliography and index make it a great research book. - Paula M. Storm, M.I.L.S., an academic Librarian Greatest work of research on the Church today! This book is at its base a history book, very thorough in its approach, yet incredibly fascinating and very easy to read. If there is only one book that you will read in regards to religion, let this be the one. - Barnes & Noble Enormously informative! The author's passion for the subject is evident throughout the text, and this two-piece tome is quite an accomplishment. The author is a tireless researcher, and the thoroughness of this endeavor is impressive. Summarizing the history of the general councils of the Catholic Church is a huge undertaking, and this author should feel very proud for having compiled this text. It's enormously informative and certainly interesting for the devout Catholic reader interested in his/her religion's history. - Writer's Digest International Book Awards
Tumultuous Times This book is an easy-to-read, well-documented story of the Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church. The second part of this work analyzes Vatican II and its effect on our world today. The turbulent history of the Catholic Church will come alive as the centuries unfold before the reader. God's tender care for His children and amid life's storms and tumultuous times is evident and unmistakable. An Excellent Research Book with Maps and Charts for Easy Reference Read about Popes and Antipopes Vatican II and Its Aftermath Councils and Pseudo Councils Saints who Changes the Course of History Heresies that Threatened the Life of the Church Amazing Parallels Between Past Ages and Our Own
Table of Contents Preface p. xi Introduction p. xiii Part I Twenty General Councils of the Church Section I - Eight Councils of the East Chapter 1 First Council of Nicaea p. 3 Chapter 2 First Council of Constantinople p. 13 Chapter 3 Council of Ephesus p. 31 Chapter 4 Council of Chalcedon p. 39 Chapter 5 Second Council of Constantinople p. 47 Chapter 6 Third Council of Constantinople p. 57 Chapter 7 Second Council of Nicaea p. 67 Chapter 8 Fourth Council of Constantinople p. 75 Section II - Twelve Councils of the West Chapter 9 First Lateran Councils of the West p. 85 Chapter 10 Second Lateran Council p. 93 Chapter 11 Third Lateran Council p. 99 Chapter 12 Fourth Lateran Council p. 105 Chapter 13 First Council of Lyons p. 117 Chapter 14 Second Council of Lyons p. 123 Chapter 15 Council of Vienne p. 127 Chapter 16 Council of Constance p. 139 Chapter 17 Council of Florence p. 161 Chapter 18 Fifth Lateran Council p. 177 Chapter 19 Council of Trent p. 185 Chapter 20 Vatican Council p. 229 Part II Vatican II and its Aftermath Commentary on the Present Crisis in the Church p. 282 A. The History and Origin of Vatican II p. 283 B. The Heresies of Vatican II p. 343 C. The Tridentine Latin Mass and the New Mass p. 373 D. The Seven Sacraments and the New Sacraments p. 423 E. Statistics p. 481 F. The Third Secret of Fatima p. 501 G. The Rosary p. 507 H. How Could This Have Happened? p. 511 I. Who is ultimately Responsible? p. 529 J. Conclusion p. 569 K. Plan of Action p. 575 Appendix p. 579 Bibliography p. 597 Index p. 643
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